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At Porshn, we are committed to bringing you Nutrient Dense, Plant Based, Powder Blends, Porshn Size, to transform your lifestyle and enhance health & wellbeing while increasing energy, vitality and beauty from within.

Using 100% natural, plant based superfood powders, sourced from their natural origins around the globe, we have created 3 perfect blends.

Each blend contains up to 4 pure, nutrient dense ingredients with no added fillers. Honest, simple and easy to use, our powder blends are 100% Organic, Gluten Free and Dairy Free. We are proud to be certified Organic by The Soil Association, registered with the Vegan Society, and to use responsible packaging endorsed by the FSC, so you can purchase with confidence knowing that we care about responsible forestry and the environment.

Not only will Porshn have a positive effect on the lives of those who introduce our blends into their diet, but the positive effect it has on the number of indigenous communities around the world, whose livelihood depends on growing, harvesting, processing and exporting these very specific ingredients, native to their lands. We are proud to use ingredients which are not only the highest quality but have also been ethically sourced.

For more information on our blends and each individual ingredient, please click here to view our Ingredients page.


New age thinker, Avid Yogi, Passionate holistic health enthusiast

The story of Porshn very much began amongst the flora and fauna of New Zealand – the beautiful backdrop of Nathalie’s childhood. From these early years spent in a ‘new world’ country with a small population flourished the first fledgling seeds of Nathalie’s passion for nature.

As a 16 year old school leaver determined to work in holistic health, Nathalie studied for her Aromatherapy Diploma, later traveling to India to study Ayurvedic Therapies and Nutrition. And yet, as all too-many people know, life doesn’t always transpire the way you envisage – with Nathalie embarking instead on a business career. Whilst this would ultimately take her from Auckland, to Sydney and onto London throughout each role and every country a passion for holistic health has endured.

In times of turbulence it has been nature Nathalie turned back to. Immersing herself in the outdoors, in turn nurtured a belief that nature holds an all-encompassing key to physical and emotional well-being – a belief that control of the body and mind, unwaveringly allows us to face the challenges that life inevitably, and always, presents.

Porshn is the ultimate result of global travel, holistic health exploration and rich life experiences spanning trials, tribulations and wonderful adventures. It was born from a realisation that life events are capable of affecting our physical and mental wellbeing – and it has thrived from an understanding that it is nature that holds an answer.

This is the road until today – yet the story of Porshn is only just beginning. Join Nathalie and the Porshn Community, to follow our journey. Connect and share with us, while we promote health and wellbeing that begins from within.