December 13, 2016
Porshn – We’re excitedly counting down to launch!

There are 2 days until we officially launch – and we must admit, we’re pretty darn excited about it. Here’s exactly how we got here, and a little window into who we are and what we’re all about.

The stuff that we’re made of…

For waaaaay too long superfood nutrients have been inaccessible to most – viewed as something for the dedicated dieters and the new age health lovers in the world. Today, there’s Porshn – bringing the incredible powers of plant nutrients to you in a simple, easy and often delicious way – mixed into smoothies or smoothie bowls for beautiful breakfasts or sumptuous snacks.

Our Berry blend is bringing revitalisation to mornings, evenings and afternoons, whilst our Green blend is cleansing body, mind and soul.

Porshn is for omnivores, carnivores and herbivores – for those who follow a strict gym regime and those who simply squeeze in bit of exercise as and when they can. We don’t stereotype, pigeon hole or put you into any type of box – Porshn is for everyone, full stop. Body loving nutrients, for every body.

It’s been a long (mostly fun, thrilling and exciting) road…

I must be honest (and as any business owner knows – whatever their trade or industry) this has been a journey filled with ups, downs, twists and turns, learning curves and the odd curve ball. Mostly, it’s been great – and the story of Porshn is only just beginning (you can find out more about the story so far, and myself – Nathalie, over on our About page).

We’re ready for you…

As our official go live date rapidly approaches, today we’re coming over all giddy to announce that we’re open for pre-orders. As we speak, our products are being beautifully packaged-up and will be all set for sending as of mid to late January (what better time to re-think that same-old, same-old resolution that keeps falling flat?).


Healthy living shouldn’t be about impossible to maintain diets, celebs who Insta ‘homemade’ creations (that are possibly whipped up by their live-in chefs) – nor should it be about holding your nose as you down the latest must-consume recipe.

We think health, beauty and well-being should be delicious, easy and simple – and we want you to get in on the action – helping us to re-define this health realm of ours.

#ShowUsYourPorshn is a social media campaign to right the wrongs of the rumours about healthy living – our customers and team have been busy whipping up Porshn smoothies and smoothie bowls to die for.

Find out more about #ShowUsYourPorshn